Pirates of the Rim

The Job

A mysterious Falleen, Thann Xiss, individually approached Dakuun, Alyva Satoque and Reya Noscandra with a proposition. He specially selected each of them to for this mission: to find, capture, and bring the fugitive Wookiee, Katahaar, to him. Thann promised each of them something very important to them … something that only each individual would know. He also told them that if things went well they would gain access to credits, gear, and resources. Now, they had to decide if they would accept his deal and meet each other at the predetermined location on the smuggler’s moon, Nar Shaddaa…

Dakuun, Alyva, and Reya, met each other for the first time at the Zelcomm Databanks on Nar Shaddaa. Thann intercepted a few communications that Katahaar sent out from somewhere near this location. Unfortunately, only someone locally would be able to slice the communications datafile and retrieve all of the information. The group was instructed to take the datafile to a contact named Chopper who whould decrypt the file and give them further instructions.

After breaking into the Zelcomm Databanks, Dakuun began downloading the datafile when the alarm was set off. Security droids began streaming into the darkened building firing shots blindly. One of the shots managed to strike the droid that was piloting their escape vehicle. With not a moment to spare they began searching for alternative means of escape.

Dakuun attempted to seal the outer door but a wiring malfunction fried the control panel. In desperation he noticed a side door that looked promising. Meanwhile, Alyva looked down into the sprawling chasm below her for any way to climb down. The droids were quickly on the group and began firing on Dakuun. Dakuun and Alyva exchanged fire taking down a few of the droids. Dakuun signaled for the others to follow him to the side door where they discovered a trash chute leading into the darkness. Reya was the first to make the plunge into the darkness, only suffering a minor sprain to her ankle. Dakuun tripped and tumbled haphazardly down the shoot crashing with a loud bang in the dirty pile of trash below. Alyva silently laughed to herself and “danced” gracefully down the chute with ease. The three quickly searched for somewhere to hide and found a dank cantina where they paused to catch their breath.

Dakuun immediately began slicing the encrypted datafile. A short time later he discovered that Katahaar had been communicating regularly with a spice smuggler named Speng over in the Orange Lady Cantina. They frequently spoke of the Dianoga Syndicate and it’s operations. Dakuun tried to cover his tracks, but was unable to disguise that he had sliced the datafile. If only he had more time! They headed to Chopper’s with a plan…

The sultry Twi’lek Alyva, and determined explorer Reya headed in to meet Chopper while Dakuun kept his mouth shut in the back. Alyva did her best to charm the large, four-armed mechanic, only gaining them a few moments before he demanded to inspect the datafile. He recognized immediately that it had been tampered with and told them nothing they didn’t already know.

They grapped a taxi and headed out to the Orange Lady Cafe in search of Speng. Dakuun decided it was best if he waited outside while the more charming ladies went inside to extract information from Speng. Luckily, Speng’s two bodyguards were male Twi’leks. Alyva charmed them in their native language while Reya buttered up Speng. He was forthcoming with the information they needed.

Katahaar has been hiding out in the Novacore kelerium processing plant in Sector 943… Will they be able to find him there and capture him?

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